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Through our web-based app, that you can find on from any internet enabled mobile or desktop device. Our Facebook Messenger bot, iOS and Android apps are in development.
Asknuma is designed to answer all your medical questions through an artificially intelligent robot that becomes smarter the more you talk to it. Simply begin to type your question in the search bar and pick the suggestion most relevant to your. Our database of high quality advice, healthcare facilities, specialists and medications is growing. If you don't find what you are looking for, with a Numa account and subscription, you can speak to one of our verified doctors for further support.
Numa is a digital health company run by technology experts and healthcare professionals. Asknuma is a personal health assistant, giving you high quality health advice, a confidential way to speak to a verified doctor and your very own secure personal health record.
AskNuma about your symptoms - and we will try to find an answer for what might be going on and what the next best steps for you to take are, as well as give you "red flags" so you know when you need to act fast. AskNuma about setting up a consultation with one of our verified doctors, for a general check-up or if you have a specific problem in mind. AskNuma about the best treatment options for your medical condition. [Coming soon] - AskNuma about where you can find healthcare facilities, specialist or general clinics, pharmacies and emergency services close to you.
Using Asknuma's intelligent search tool is not a replacement for in-person consultations and medical advice from fully qualified healthcare professionals.
Once you have signed up for an account and verified it, go to your Account Dashboard, which is accessible from the menu bar in the top right hand corner of the app, and fill out any medical conditions, allergies or procedures you have had carried out in the past. This will enable us to give you a more personalised service, and this information is accessible to you or your carers anytime, anyplace from an internet enabled device. You can also send us a message to speak with one of our doctors who will be able to walk through your health record with you.
Asknuma intelligent search and all of the health advice we produce is free to access 24/7. Monthly and yearly subscriptions are available starting at 7000NGN/month for concierge Numa services.
Patients' Confidentiality
The security of all personal medical data as well as maintaining strict confidentiality is of paramount importance to us at Numa. Our web security employs industry standard 256-bit encryption of all transactions that occur on AskNuma and we have strictly adhered to security policies. All of our doctors are undergo thorough background checks and are regulated by the General Medical Council (GMC) of the United Kingdom and the Medical and Dental Council of Nigeria (MDCN).
No, never without your consent. There are a few situations in which we would need to do so and these involve: - To initiate a referral to another healthcare professional verified by us for the purposes of your care - When you require emergency medical assistance due to the imminent risk to you or another patient coming to harm. - Where there has been a disclosure suggestive that a minor or a vulnerable adult might to come grievous bodily harm without any intervention.
Product and Service Subscription
We are growing our suite of services to create the best healthcare experience for you. Numa Connect, our introductory concierge personal health assistant is free for 1 year from your date of sign-up. You are free to cancel your subscription at any time. Numa Connect [Free for 1 year] - Confidential consultations with highly trained Numa healthcare professionals - 48 hour response time - Referrals to verified specialists and therapists in the Numa Global Healthcare Professional Network(1) - Comprehensive video-health check-up with a doctor - Secure personal health record - Personal Health Library - More coming soon* Numa Protect [Available Soon] - All of the features of Numa Protect + - 24 hour response time - Yearly system-by-system check ups, eye and hearing tests, fitness and goal planning consultations. - Comprehensive in person health check up with a doctor - More coming soon* Numa Comprehensive [Available Soon] - All of the features of Numa Protect and Predict + - 2 hour response time - Name up to four children on your Numa plan for comprehensive health checks. - 5 In-home visits a year - Your very own, named Numa Doctor and nurse. - More coming soon*
We pride ourselves in being your personal health assistant. We have a growing network of UK and Nigeria based general practitioners, specialists and allied healthcare professionals that can cater to a wide variety of healthcare needs. Request a consultation with your Numa Doctor today about your requirements. Services outside of your Numa subscription are charged on a fee-for-service basis.
No, Numa accounts are free for 1 year on our welcome introductory offer.
No, only services Numa provides outside of your Numa subscription are charged on a fee-for-service basis. Speak to you Numa Doctor or email us on info[at]numa[dot]io. for more information.
We only accept credit, debit card and direct bank transfers for now but are working on making payments as straightforward for you as possible and adding on more payment methods in the coming months.
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